Hidden Agenda, Nemisis is episode 9 of season 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal.


As Usagi is still stuck on Nemesis, she overhears a conversation between Saphir and Rubeus. Usagi faints and Prince Demande catches her.

Usagi goes back to where she heard the conversation. Saphir was there, and he talked about his home. While Saphir was not being a gentlemen to Usagi, he then trapped Usagi and was about to kill her. Although just in time Usagi receives a strong will of power and transforms before Saphir touches her.

Sailor Moon searches for the three missing sailors.

Due to the Silver Crystal's power, it causes the Black Crystal Reactor to overload, which forces Rubeus to flee to safety. As Wiseman calls him a coward, he swallows Rubeus's whole body.

The four sailors return to the Space-Time Door to regroup as five. As Usagi unexpectedly learns about what happened with Tuxedo Mask going after Chibiusa, she is in shock and wants to go find them.

New Characters