Covert Maneuvers, Wiseman is episode 10 of season 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal.


Usagi and her friends try to go out into the storm to look for Mamoru and Chibiusa. Before they leave, Usagi has a vision of Black Lady causing her to pass out.

Black Lady explains who she is to Prince Demande and Saphir. She then states she is going to have a family reunion.

Back in the past Usagi wakes up and finds the Sailor Senshi have brought her home. They go back to the future where Black Lady charges in. Black Lady tries to attack Usagi, but Neo Queen Serenity, who is inside the Crystal Palace, sends a powerful light causing Black Lady to be locked out of the palace. The Sailor Senshi arrive to see what happened to Black Lady as she summons Wiseman. Black Lady prepares to fight Usagi, Makoto, Ami, Rei and Minako

New Characters