Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 episode 3 

General Information

Air Date April 25, 2016
Season Infinity Arc
Episode # 4
Total Episode # 30
Previous Act 28 - Infinity 2, Ripples
Next Act 30 - Infinity 4, Sailor Uranus Haruka Tenou, Sailor Neptune Michiru Kaiou


Usagi is still brooding over the fact that she has been kissed by someone other than Mamoru.

Mamoru and Hotaru have the same ominous dream regarding the three talismans and the destruction of the city.

Mimete, the second of the Witches 5, plans to gather hosts for Master Pharaoh 90 disguised as a Mugen Academy student and pop idol, Mimi Hanyu.

Chibiusa visits Hotaru at her home. When Hotaru suddenly collapses, Chibiusa uses her Legendary Silver Crystal to ease her pain. On her way home, Haruka and Michiru offer Chibiusa a ride in one of their helicopters. During their conversation, Michiru reveals to Chibiusa that her hand mirror is a talisman.

Usagi and her friends attend a concert by Michiru, while Minako sneaks into Mimi Hanyu's concert. Mimete casts a spell on the crowd, but Minako confronts Mimete, who summons three Daimons to attack her. Usagi and the others join the battle and destroy each of the monsters, and Mimete is killed by the two mysterious Sailor Senshi, who introduce themselves as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus


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