Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 episode 4 

General Information

Air Date May 2, 2016
Season Infinity Arc
Episode # 5
Total Episode # 31
Previous Act 29 - Infinity 3, Two New Soldiers
Next Act 31 - Infinity 5, Sailor Pluto, Setsuna Meiou


Sailor Moon and the others question Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune about their objectives, but Uranus states that she and Neptune are not their allies, and the two of them attack the group.

Luna reveals that the two of them were Sailor's who were assigned to protect Silver Millennium from afar and were not supposed to interact with them.

Mamoru and Usagi assist Chibiusa on her school project, a replica of the "Legendary Holy Grail". After the replica is completed, Usagi and Mamoru both confess to feelings of jealousy regarding their interactions with Haruka and Michiru and reconcile.

Ami decides to take the test for the Mugen Academy, in order to meet Yui Bido, a student from the Academy whose grades always surpass her own. However, Yui, who is actually Viluy of the Witches 5, realizes that Ami is a Sailor and attacks her.

Sailor Mercury is joined by her friends, but their fight is interrupted by Uranus and Neptune. Uranus then reveals her talisman, the Space Sword, and uses it to finish Viluy.

At Motoki and Reika's university, a physics student resembling Sailor Pluto appears, introducing herself as Setsuna Meiou

New Characters

  • Setsuna Meiou


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