Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 episode 8 
Act 34

General Information

Air Date May 30, 2016
Season Infinity Arc
Episode # 9
Total Episode # 35
Previous Act 33 - Infinity 7, Transformation, Super Sailor Moon
Next Act 35 - Infinity 9, Infinite Labyrinth 2


The Outer Senshi insist that the only way to retrieve Chibiusa's soul while preventing Sailor Saturn's awakening is by killing Hotaru, and depart to do so.

Mamoru stays behind to keep Chibiusa alive with his powers while Usagi and the others also leave to the Mugenzu area, where Mistress 9 rejoins Pharaoh 90 and orders Kaolinite to get rid of the Sailors.

When Usagi and her friends storm the Mugen Academy building, they are attacked by the Witches 5, revived by Kaolinite, which end up destroyed by the Outer Senshi who come to their aid.

Once reunited, the eight Sailor Senshi decide to fight together and confront Kaolinite, who transforms into a Daimon but is destroyed by Sailor Moon.

Hotaru's spirit inside Mistress 9 watches powerless as she swallows Chibiusa's Silver Crystal


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