Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 episode 11 

General Information

Air Date June 20, 2016
Season Infinity Arc
Episode # 12
Total Episode # 38
Previous Act 36 - Infinity 10, Infinite, Upper Atmosphere
Next Act 38 - Infinity 12, Infinite, Journey

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon defeat Mistress 9 with their combined attack, and the latter merges herself with Pharaoh 90.

The Sailors and Tuxedo Mask attack Pharaoh 90, but fail. Pharaoh 90 breaks the Outer Senshi's barrier and begins to cover the Earth, while a portal to the Tau Star System is opened in the sky.

Sailor Moon uses the Holy Grail with the last energy of her friends and throws herself into Pharaoh 90, seemingly sacrificing herself.

The Talismans react causing Hotaru as the awakened Sailor Saturn to emerge from Pharaoh 90. Saturn uses her power to attack Pharaoh 90 and prepares to lower her Silence Glaive down, which according to the Outer Senshi will not only destroy the enemy but also cause the end of the world as well. 


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