Infinite, Journey is episode 13 and the final of season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal


Just as Sailor Saturn is about to swing the Silence Glaive, Sailor Moon liberates the power she amassed to deal a fatal blow on Pharaoh 90. As Pharaoh 90 attempts to escape by a portal back to the Tau Star System, Sailor Saturn chases after him and urges Sailor Pluto to close it in order to trap both on the other side, which she regrettably does.

By the power of the Silver Crystal, the Sailor Senshi obtain upgraded costumes and Sailor Moon transforms briefly into Neo Queen Serenity, using her power to restore the city.

Hotaru reappears, reincarnated as a baby, and the Outer Senshi decide to take care of her before bidding farewell to the others and leaving to parts unknown.

One year later at the end of April, Usagi and her friends, now 16, become high school students, while Mamoru enrolls into a university. The day comes for Chibiusa to return to 30th century Earth after completing her Sailor training. However, while watching a solar eclipse Mamoru, Usagi and Chibiusa hear the clear and mysterious sound of a bell. 

New Characters