Sailor Moon Crystal season 1 episode 5 

General Information

Air Date September 6, 2014
Season Dark Kingdom Arc
Episode # 5
Total Episode # 5
Previous Act 4. Masquerade Dance Party
Next Act 6. Tuxedo Mask


Nephrite plans to take advantage of humans' greatest weakness, love, to gather energy for the Dark Kingdom. He creates a Youma from Bridal shop mannequin. Luna suspects Makoto, a tomboyish Middle School girl that's just transferred to Usagi's school, of being the fourth Sailor Senshi.

Makoto, along with Usagi and Ami stop by the allegedly cursed bridal shop. Makoto inadvertedly becomes a victim of Nephrite's plot to steal energy from lovestruck humans and is placed into a trance by a brainwashed Motoki.

New Characters


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