Sailor Moon Crystal season 1 episode 9 

General Information

Air Date November 1, 2014
Season Dark Kingdom Arc
Episode # 9
Total Episode # 9
Previous Act 8. Minako, Sailor V
Next Act 10. Moon


The true Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Silver Millennium, is revealed to be none other than Usagi, Sailor Moon, herself. Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus finally regain their long-lost memories of their past lives when they were loyal guardians of the Silver Millennium and defenders of Queen Serenity and her only daughter, Princess Serenity.

Queen Beryl suddenly appears and abducts the wounded and unconscious Tuxedo Mask, which thoroughly devastates the newly reawakened Princess Serenity of losing her one true love once again. Luna suggests that they all go the Moon in an attempt to find out more answers and discover the whole truth, to which the others agree.

New Characters


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