Ami Mizuno is the civilian identity of Sailor Mercury 
Mercury crystal

General Information

DOB Sep 10th
Age 14
Blood Type A
Location Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School and Crystal Seminar, Wants to be a doctor like her mother.

A shy girl without many friends. When Usagi meets her, they hit it off well. She is soon brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom at the Crystal Seminar, but is snapped out of it when Usagi as Sailor Moon is in danger. Seeing Sailor Moon in danger allowed her to awaken her powers, and she transformed into Sailor Mercury.

Ami starts high school in the Dream Arc at Juuban Municipal High School



Jaw-length bobbed blue hair that is a few inches above her shoulders and blue eyes. She wears her Juuban middle school uniform, coupled with a grey cardigan, short white socks, and brown penny loafers.




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