Black Lady, also known as Wicked Lady, is a member of the Black Moon Clan 
Blu rayBlackLAdy


The Queen of Darkness is the evil incarnation of grown-up Chibiusa Tsukino, who was corrupted by Wiseman. She has been reborn and is now the Queen of Nemesis. Devoted minion and Servant of Wiseman/Death Phantom.


A grown up version of Chibiusa/Rini. However, in this form, her hair is longer and her eyes are described by Naoko Takeuchi as "done like glass balls" so that they can distinguish her eyes from Rini's. She is also a bit shorter than Sailor Moon. Wears a long black dress with a slit on each side. The sleeve and chest portions are organdy. The fabric of her skirt is also the same color as the shawl that she is usually seen with. Also, the sleeve cuffs and collar have diamonds on them. Her footwear consists of satin high heels. She also wears black crystal earrings.


Distraught over the death of her closest and dearest friend, Sailor Pluto, Black Lady's crystal earrings shatter and she is transformed back into Chibiusa/Rini than for the first time, Sailor Chibi Moon.



Capture Neo-Queen Serenity and gaining Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal by placing another Malefic Black Crystal monolith on Earth.


Servant of Death Phantom


  • Usagi Small Lady Serenity
  • Princess Small Lady Serenity
  • Small Lady
  • Chibiusa
  • Rini




Powers and Abilities


Black Lady Image Gallery

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