Calaveras is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.  


Calaveras is a member of the Black Moon Clan. She is second eldest of the four Spectre Sisters who works for and obeys Rubeus as one of his loyal minions. Calaveras is a medium who wants to avenge her three fallen sisters.

Her orders are to defeat Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus in order to finally abduct Chibiusa and take her to Prince Demande. Umino shows Calaveras' DVD about channelling, which is a huge craze throughout the world, to Usagi and Naru.

Calaveras is destroyed by Sailor Moon.


Calaveras has long light brown hair and light brown eyes. She wears her hair in a bun and she also wears a big gold ribbon in it. Her outfit consisted of a golden sleeveless top, a brown sailor-like collar, gold bracelets on her wrists, a red-brown skirt, and golden-brown boots. Calaveras wears Black Crystal earrings.



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