Death Phantom is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.  


Death Phantom is the main villain in the Black Moon Arc. He disguised himself as Wiseman, and pretended to help the Black Moon Clan, when in reality they were nothing but pawns for him in his quest for revenge and the destruction of Earth.

He had originally lived on Earth and was the first to challenge the peace of Crystal Tokyo. He revived crime and murder, but was captured by Neo-Queen Serenity and banished to Nemesis, which became forbidden.

Death Phantom was the solitary king, defender in battle for azure Earth and banished to the dim, cold, dark planet Nemises. Now he is the invincible planet abounding in malefic black crystal. He now posseses the greatest power in existance and with this power the whole universe - past, present and future - in within his grasp.




Death Phantom was destroyed by Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon with Double Moon Princess Halation.