Diana is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Diana is the guardian feline to Chibiusa Tsukino.

She is a female kitten from the 30th Century. She is the daughter of Luna and Artemis in the future. She is the only guardian cat to wear a collar with a jingle bell around her neck. Like Chibiusa, King Endymion and the four Inner Senshi, Diana was one of the few who had managed to withstand the Black Moon's assault and not fall unconscious like the rest of Crystal Tokyo's subjects and queen. She stays by her beloved King's side and is determined to do whatever she can to save their homeland.

Diana takes over from Sailor Pluto has temporary guardian of the Space-Time Door.


A small white-grey kitten with whiskers, pale blue eyes, pale pink ears on the inside, and a collar with a yellow bell on it.