The civilian identity of Sailor Jupiter

General Information

DOB December 5th
Age 14
Blood Type O
Location Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Her parents died in a plane crash. Moved to town lives in an apartment on her own. Loves to cook.

She saves Usagi from being hit by a car. Following another enocunter where she bumps into Usagi in the school hallway, the two form a small friendship at the school's outdoor lot, where Makoto is seen eating her lunch to escape the side-eyed glares of her classmates. After school, Usagi and Makoto go to the Game Center Crown, where she meets Motoki Furuhata for the first time.

Tells her friend Ittou Asanuma all about her destiny as a Sailor Senshi.

Her favorite flower is the Sasanqua which reminds her of her sempai Nachogi

Makoto starts high school in the Dream Arc at Juuban Municipal High School


Loves plants, she is strong and is a gifted chef


Tall with wavy brown hair tied up into a ponytail with a holder, green eyes, and wears pink rose earrings.

At school, she wears her old school uniform, which consists of a white, long-sleeved shirt with a brown collar, brown laces up the front, and brown cuffs. Her brown skirt is longer than the one on the Juuban Municipal Junior High's uniform, reaching past her knees to her shins, and it has a thin ribbon in the back. She also wears black flats for her shoes.




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