Mistress 9 is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Mistress 9 is a villain Daimon with the Death Busters, who resides within Hotaru Tomoe.


Extremely long black hair and violet eyes that sometimes glow red. She wears a dark purple sleeveless top equipped with decorative strings of pearls and a long dark green skirt that reaches the floor. She wears dangling 3-pearled earrings in each ear.

When she transforms into her fully Daimon form, she appears as a large purple muscular being with spikes on her back and arms with white eyes.

When she merges with Pharaoh 90, they appear as a large body of liquid with red eyes.


She is an extraterrestrial being from a parallel dimension known as the Tau Star System.

Powers and Abilities

Powered-up herself by swallowing the Silver Crystal.


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