The first command used by Usagi Tsukino to transform into Sailor Moon

Transformation Sequence

As Usagi says the phrase, the camera pans out on an image of the moon. After the phrase is spoken, Usagi's brooch is shown sparkling. Usagi then raises her hand in front of the brooch and suddenly, her nails turn light pink. After this, ribbons wrap around Usagi's body, forming her leotard and choker. The bow on her leotard then begins to form as well. After the bow forms, ribbons wrap around Usagi's hands and feet to form her gloves and boots. Her earrings then appear on her ears and her skirt begins to form as well. A jewel then appears on her forehead and the tiara begins to form. After the tiara is formed, her odango covers and barrettes appear. Sailor Moon then poses, finishing the transformation sequence with red roses against a crescent moon.



SMC Moon Prism Power! Make Up! Sailor Moon - S1 Act 101:13

SMC Moon Prism Power! Make Up! Sailor Moon - S1 Act 1

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