Morga is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Morga is the first Youma summoned by Jadeite.


To gather energy from humans and search for the Silver Crystal


Short wavy pink hair, red eyes with fangs and claws. She wears the same clothing and jewellery as when she was posing as Mayumi Osaka but since her transformation the clothing she wears is now torn.


Jadeite is seen creating Morga from the ground in an unidentified location. Morga ties up and impersonates Mayumi, and has a sale at the jewellery shop, OSA-P. Naru's friends, including Usagi, travel to OSA-P after school, but Naru becomes suspicious of her mother. Later, Naru approaches her mother, sees her with a container of energy, is immediately attacked, as Morga reveals her true form. Usagi, having just learned that she is Sailor Moon, immediately rushes to Naru's rescue.

When Sailor Moon confronts Morga, she summons the mind-controlled humans who had bought jewellery from the store earlier to fight for her. After Sailor Moon is overwhelmed, she begins to cry, which causes a tremor and disorients Morga and her servants.


While disoriented, Morga is destroyed by Sailor Moon using her Moon Tiara Boomerang