Petz is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Petz is a member of the Black Moon Clan. She is the eldest and most mature of the four Spectre Sisters who works for and obeys Rubeus as one of his loyal minions. She wants to avenge her younger sisters Koan and Berthier.


Code 003 Operation Re-new. Hunt for the Silver Crystal and the Rabbit (Chibiusa)


Petz has dark green hair in a bun and wears a green sleeveless short dress with a decorative bodice, long green gloves, black fur on her shoulders. She also wears a green belt with the buckle off the side of her hip and black leggings and short boots. She has green eyes and wears Black Crystal Earrings and wear the black moon symbol on her forehead.


Her first assignment was to spread a deadly disease all over the city of Tokyo in order to find Chibiusa. Petz manages to get into a fight with Makoto who becomes infected by her virus and later manages to transform into a much stronger Sailor Jupiter


Petz is destroyed by Sailor Moon, but Sailor Jupiter is still trapped in Petz's thunder sphere when Rubeus takes her.