Prince Demande Crystal
The leader of the Black Moon Clan


He lead the attack on Crystal Tokyo in the 30th Century

He is Prince of the Black Moon and one who willingly serves under and secretly follows the orders of his one true master, Wiseman. Saphir is his younger brother. Diamond wants to smash the Silver Crystal to pieces. He is the one who discovered the full, fearsome strength of the Evil Black Crystal.

Prince Diamond has no use for the 30th Century Earth. He sends in troops to the past, before it was ruled by the Moon Kingdom, and destroy history. Then write a new chapter of Black Moon history.

Wants Neo-Queen Serenity to kneel before him. He must have her by any means, in any form therefore he abducts Sailor Moon.

He is destructive and always straying from plans on a sudden impulse. Even launching the Black Crystal into the Earth and turning it into a dead planet was not part of the original plan.

in Act 25 Prince Diamond protects Sailor Moon with his invincible evil sight from the Wiseman/Death Phantom, stating that he wants to be the one who kills her.


Operation: Re-play. A rebirth of history.


He is killed by the Wiseman/Death Phantom in Act 25.



White suit with blue lines. White hair and a cape. Black Crystal Earrings.


Leader of the Black Moon Clan




D Point at the North pole



  • Saphir - Brother

Powers and Abilities


Prince Demande Image Gallery

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