Professor Tomoe is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Professor Tomoe is a scientist in engineering and astrophysics. He is an eccentric man who researches spooky things. Professor Tomoe has the entity Germatoid controlling him. He is a world famous scholar of genetic engineering. His life's work consists of developing 'super life forms'. He has repeatedly carried out excessive animal testing and gene manipulation. Professor Tomoe was expelled from academic society 6 years earlier. He sold his research to overseas companies and with the profits brought the Mugen district in Tokyo, Japan.


Souichi Tomoe has white hair and wears a white shirt with a tie, khakis and business shoes. He wears a lab coat and wears glasses with the right lens displaying an eye, possibly to conceal an injury. As Germatoid, all his human features are gone, replaced by a monstrous figure, with spikes poking out from his body. He has sharp claws, and has purple skin.



After transforming into Germatoid, Sailor Moon destroy's him with Rainbow Moon Heartache