Queen Serenity is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Queen Serenity was the queen of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium and the mother of Princess Serenity. She states that the people on Earth knew her as the Moon goddess Selene.

Queen Serenity was the first to use the Moon Stick and use its power together with Silver Crystal. She gave it to Luna and it was later used by Sailor Moon.


Queen Serenity is slender and tall with fair skin and bright silver eyes. She has long silvery-white hair done up in odango. She wears a white dress with a bow on the top, adorned with a gold crescent brooch. She has a golden-colored crescent moon on her forehead, which is the mark of the Silver Millennium itself and the royal family's symbol.


Queen Serenity was the dear mother of Princess Serenity thousands of years ago and the fair ruler of the Moon Kingdom. When all hope was nearly lost, she had used the last her strength to use the Silver Crystal's immense power to seal their enemies away and have her beloved daughter and faithful subjects reborn and reincarnated on planet Earth until they would be needed again for a future. Sadly, her heroic act had sapped her of her very life-force and she had "perished" but not before she had her most trusted advisers, Luna and Artemis, put into stasis.

She appears in Act 10 of Sailor Moon Crystal as a hologram to assist her reborn daughter and faithful friends on their quest to defeat Queen Beryl.


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