Rubeus is a character in Sailor Moon Crystal.


Rubeus is a member of the Black Moon Clan. He wants to find Chibiusa and the Silver Crystal. Rubeus has sworn his loyalty to Prince Demande and will follow him no matter what.


Rubeus has bright red hair, styled to look like a flame, and red eyes, and he has the black, upside-down crescent moon on his forehead. He wears a brown leather vest, pants with a camouflage-like design, black leather boots with laces, and a necklace with a stone pendant on it, and the evil black crystal earrings.


Rubeus abducts Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter but fails to capture Sailor Venus. Eventually he realises that there is more to Wiseman than what he sees.


Rubeus rebelled against Wiseman, than attempted to escape so Wiseman destroyed him.