The is alternate identity of Makoto Kino
Moon Jupiter


She is Sailor Soldier of Protection and Bravery and has power over lighting and flowers.


Sailor Jupiter has waist-length, dark brown hair in a ponytail style. She wears a dark green-colored sailor suit, with a dark green skirt and ankle boots and bright pink ribbons. Just like the other Sailor Senshi, she wears a golden tiara on her forehead, with a circular stone of her signature color (dark green in Sailor Jupiter's case) in the center of it.


Sailor Jupiter was seen first in Act 5 Makoto, Sailor Jupiter.

Powers and Abilities

"Pretty Guardian in Sailor Suit. Guardian of Love and Courage, Sailor Jupiter! I will let you feel so much regret, it will leave you numb!"

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter has extremely powerful lightning/electrical-based attacks and limited control over plant life and vegetation. She can create and control pure white lightning and mold it into various shapes and forms to electrify her enemies; such as dragons. The antenna on her tiara produces extremely strong electricity, lightning bolts and thunderbolts.

Sailor Jupiter can also erect an extremely strong force-field and barrier out of pure electricity/lightning around herself or others for withstanding other energy-based attacks. She can also call upon the immense energy of thunder and lightning and the power of the mighty Zeus himself to greatly increase and strengthen her thunder/lightning-based attacks. It is implied that her rose earrings possess their own magical abilities, but these have not yet been seen.





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