Sailor Mercury is the Sailor Senshi identity of Ami Mizuno.


Sailor Mercury is the Sailor Soldier of Water and Wisdom with the power over ice and water.


Sailor Mercury has short blue hair and blue eyes and wears golden tiara with a blue gem in the middle. She also wears blue stud earrings. Her sailor fuku has blue skirt and lighter blue ribbons on her chest with a blue round gem and on the back of her skirt. She also doesn't have a shoulder sleeves. Her boots are blue knee-high with short heels with white ends and her gloves are white elbow length with blue decoration on the end.


Sailor Mercury is the second Senshi to be revealed after Sailor Moon. Ami was under the control of the brainwashing program and Sailor Moon comes to save her. After Ami was able to free herself from mind control, Luna gives her a transformation pen and tells her to transform by saying "Mercury power, make up!" She transform and use's her first attack Mercury Aqua Mist to block the youma's sight.


Pretty Guardian in a Sailor suit. Guardian of Love and Intelligence, Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water and repent!

Powers and Abilities

As the Sailor Soldier of Water and Intelligence, Sailor Mercury has attacks related entirely to liquid water as well as ice, snow, frost, sleet, mist, steam, fog and cold. Her steam/mist/fog-related attacks enable Mercury to blind her opponents and using cover for her comrades to use the element of surprise. She is capable of freezing monsters in solid ice and frost, and dousing them in very cold water. She can also create strong waves and whirlpools, and even freeze her enemies in cylinders of solid ice and snow.

Like the other three inner Sailor Senshi, she can create an exceptionally strong, bright blue force field for protection; capable of withstanding extensive damage of energy-based attacks.

She is the smartest and most knowledgeably intelligent of the Sailor Team and has a miniature supercomputer that lets her figure out complex situations easily, and goggles that enable her to scan enemy territory for hidden traps, and revealing enemy vulnerabilities.