Sailor Moon is the Sailor Senshi identity of Usagi Tsukino.


Sailor Moon is the leader of the Sailor Senshi. She is Sailor Soldier of Love and Justice, with the power of healing or purification.


She has long blonde hair that is often sported in the odango hair style with white pins and red disk barrettes on the buns, blue eyes and golden tiara with crescent moon. Sailor Moon also wears crescent moon earrings and pendant on red bow with smaller version of her brooch. Her sailor fuku contains blue skirt and collar with her transformation brooch, red high boots with white ends and ribbons, and white gloves with red ends.

Super Sailor Moon

In her powerful Super Sailor form Sailor Moon's miniskirt is white lined with yellow and dark blue at the end with a yellow sash around. Her tiara is jewelled with a golden crescent moon and her sleeves are more wavy.


Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit. Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of Moon, I'll punish you!

I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and Justice! I am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of Moon I'll punish you!


Luna tells Usagi that she is one of the legendary warriors of the Sailor Senshi and ask her to find other senshi and especially the Moon Princess. Luna gives Usagi the ability to transform into Sailor Moon. When people of Tokyo are attack by a Youma, Usagi transforms and from Luna learns her first attack: Moon Tiara Boomerang. With encouragement from masked man in tuxedo, she destroys her first monster. After the Youma turns to dust, she follows the masked man outside and he tells her that he is called Tuxedo Mask

She is later joined one at a time by the Inner Senshi: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus.

Powers and Abilities

Sailor Moon's powers are related to healing and purification with using energy of Moon. She is usually last who attack, so she can return people to normal rather than just destroying them.