This was the first Senshi form that Minako had ever had 


Sailor V was a decoy Senshi form used by Minako in order to fool the Dark Kingdom into thinking that she was the Princess; although it's never mentioned that she was doing this, it is a possibility. She was able to assume this transformation before she joined forces with Sailor Moon and the rest of the Inner Senshi.


Sailor V's fuku was different than the other Senshi's fuku. In place of a tiara, she had a crescent moon on her forehead, wore a red eye mask. she wore a sleeveless midriff shirt with red accents on the sides that sometime revealed her stomach. She wore a white choker with a crescent moon, her collar was navy blue with two red stripes. Her shoulder pads were white, armor-like, shoulder guards, her bow was red while the center of her front bow was orange, and her gloves were like Sailor Venus's: white with orange elbow fittings. Her skirt was blue with a red border, her back bow was blue, her shoes were blue with ankle straps, and her red ribbon from her civilian form was carried over into her Senshi form.

Sailor V Game

The Sailor V Game was a side-scrolling game that was made by Artemis, it was used to train Minako to use her powers without her realizing it. Usagi is a fan of the Sailor V Game and often visits the Game Center Crown to play it. Usagi's Disguise PenAmi's transformation pen, and their communicator watches all came from the game.

The Headquarters for the Sailor Senshi was also located underneath the machine; the door to it opened when the words "GAME ENDLESS" appeared on screen.



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