The alternate identity of Minako Aino 
Moon Venus


She is the unofficial leader of Inner Senshi and double of Sailor Moon, makes enemy believe, that she is Princess Serenity to protect real one. Minako has also another identity known as Sailor V. Sailor Venus is the Sailor Soldier of Love and Beauty and use element of light and metal.

Sailor Venus Appearance

Venus has long, blonde hair with red bow, blue eyes and golden tiara with orange gem, but in the beginning she has only crescent moon on her forehead. Her fuku has orange skirt and collar. She also has two blue bows, on her chest with orange gem and back. Venus has orange high heels and white gloves with orange in the end. She wears reddish chain around her waist.

Sailor V Appearance

She has red eye mask, blue collar and skirt with red line and two red bows. Her fuku is white with a red bow a blue skirt with a red trim and it is not a one piece. V has also has longer sleeves than in her senshi form.


She first appears in Act 8. Minako, Sailor V (in her Sailor V form). In act 6, Sailor Venus encouraged Usagi through the Sailor V game, telling her that she can defeat the enemy. She appears at the end of act 7, throwing her Crescent Boomerang at Zoisite. She then smiled at Sailor Moon.

Powers and Abilities

"Pretty guardian in Sailor Suit. Guardian of Love and Beauty. Sailor Venus! In the name of Love, I will punish you!"

8261984 orig

Venus' powers are light and metal related. She is able to create beams of yellow light or blind her enemies and even ensnare those with her Chain of Love.





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