Saphir crystal
Prince Sapphire is a member of the Black Moon Clan. He is Diamond's younger brother and also his only known relative.


He is the younger brother of Prince Demande. Harbors misgivings about his older brother's ambitions but still supports him. Likes Droids because they don't stray away from plans, and will never betray him.


He is depicted as a young-looking man with dark blue hair, dark blue eyes, fairly pale skin, with a black, upside-down crescent moon on his forehead. He wears a dark blue jacket with ornaments, that are stainless steel and rod-shaped. He also wears white pants, white shoes, and dark blue gloves. Also, in comparison to the other members of the Black Moon Clan, he does not wear black crystal earrings, despite having invented them.


Killed by his older brother, Prince Diamond, using the Invincible evil sight






  • Prince Demande (older brother)
  • Unnamed mother (deceased)
  • Unnamed father (deceased)

Powers and Abilities


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