The opening theme song of Sailor Moon Crystal for season 1 and 2 is called Moon Pride 

586825 orig



Momoiro Clover Z







Moon Pride

I want to become your power

Tears run down the face; eyes burn in fiery red;

Fierce as a lightning; someone cries for love.

In whatever kind of darkness, you're surely not alone right?

As the Moonlight shines upon us.

Ah, even for girls, certain pride can't be given up

the determination to not put their fates in princes' hands,

but to fight for themselves.

Shiny Make-up I shall sparkle and assemble the starry sky.

I'm not a weak being who only receives protection.

Swung by the waves of sorrow; burnt by the fires of anger;

Dazzling as a lightning;

Vowing for eternal love.

Even now we're far apart, you're surely not alone right?

As the Moonlight binds us.

Ah, for girls, certain weapons are invincible

the gentle gaze that supports the weak,

and the strength to accept all and everything.

Shiny Make-up I shall glitter and embrace the starry sky.

Our connections across time and space give me courage.

Much yearning, much suffering, bring tears to my eyes; 

Such longingness, such loneliness, quickens beats of my heart.

In this vast universe, no matter how many times I'm reborn,

I'll still fall in love with you.

Shiny Make-up I shall fly towards yonder starry sky.

Even in this world filled with evil, I believe in the future.


Shiny Make-up I shall fight under the starry sky.

A new legend begins at this very moment.

La La Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

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