Tuxedo Mask
By the Sun
Character information
Aliases Mamoru Chiba, Prince Endymion
Voiced by Kenji Nojima
Species Earth Human
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Occupation Earth
Powers and abilities Golden Crystal
Family Usagi Tsukino - future wife

Chibiusa Tsukino - future daughter

First Appearance Act 1. Usagi, Sailor Moon
Last Appearance

Tuxedo Mask is the alternate identity of Mamoru Chiba.


Searching for the Silver Crystal


Tuxedo Mask wears a black hat, a white mask, a black cape, and a black tuxedo. He also has a pocket watch.


In episode one, Tuxedo Mask is first seen standing outside of OSA-P while a Youma is cornering Naru Osaka. Later, after Sailor Moon lets out an ear-piercing wail, he tells her to stop crying and Sailor Moon calms down after hearing him say that. After she destroys the Youma, Tuxedo Mask, who is standing in a window, says that while he didn't find the Silver Crystal, he did find something interesting and jumps out of the window. Sailor Moon then follows him and after she finds him, he introduces himself and tells her that he will remember her name.

Powers and Abilities

Tuxedo Mask has the capability of flying and being able to change into his costume instantly.



  • Unlike the first anime version, he does not use roses


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