Usagi Tsukino is the civilian identity of Sailor Moon. And the main character of Sailor Moon Crystal.


Usagi Tsukino is a fourteen year old eighth grader who's a student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School. She is somewhat of a crybaby. Loves eating and sleeping, doesn't like school. Every time Usagi sees Mamoru Chiba her heart beats faster.


Long blond hair that is almost always styled in her trademark odango hairstyle, blue eyes, and wears white stud earrings.

Her school uniform consists of a white long-sleeved sailor shirt with a blue collar and blue cuffs. On the chest is a red bow which has her transformation brooch. Her blue skirt reaches to her knees, she has a blue bow on the back. Her socks reach up to her ankles, she wears black-heeled shoes with crossing straps.


Usagi is first seen sound asleep and dreaming of a princess and a prince. She is woken up by an alarm clock realising that she is late Usagi hurries to get ready and leave. After leaving her home, she hurries to school and accidentally steps on a black cat. She picks it up and peels off the band-aids that it has on its forehead. Usagi stares at the cat until she hears the school bell and leaves.