VIZ Media is an English manga, anime, and Japanese entertainment publishing company.


VIZ Media was founded in 1986, and its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.

As announced on May 16, 2014, they have licensed the original anime series and Sailor Moon Crystal for streaming, digital, and home release.

The original anime will be uncut, uncropped, and redubbed with a new voice cast.

VIZ Media has licensed Sailor Moon Crystal for release in North America, so an English dub will eventually be released. English dubs take a lot of time and money, so fans will have to be patient. It is likely that production on a dub for Sailor Moon Crystal will not begin until season 1 is complete.

The original series ran for three years before an English dub was produced, and then fans had to wait three more years for 17 more episodes to be dubbed, and then two more years after that to get S and SuperS. English dubs are a lot of work, and take a long time.